PHILWAY INVESTMENT invests in the hotel and catering sectors as a partner with other investors who can be either operators or only investors.

  • We bring the cash capital needed to fund a project after studying a business case and agreeing on a business plan.
  • We provide the financial model and negotiate with financial partners, funds or banks.
  • We can create a specific investment fund for a specific project.

Our current projects:

  • Construction of a 2 star 97 room hotel in Paris area (Investment: € 4 M)
  • Construction of a 3 star 98-room hotel in Paris area (Investment: € 7.7 M)
  • Refurbishment of a 3-star 55-room hotel on the French Riviera (Investment: € 5.5 M)
  • Construction of 2 Boutique hotels 4 **** (30 apartments) on the French Riviera
  • 1 Residence in Auvergne 5* (Volcano area)

Together with the investment from PHILWAY INVESTMENT, our group offers to manage any operation totally or partially through PHILWAY MANAGEMENT. You can get a fully comprehensive service from our group, including both investment and management.

PHILWAY INVESTMENT commits to a quick study in order to make a decision to invest in a project, which adds a unique selling point in comparison with other solutions.