PHILWAY MANAGEMENT provides business solutions, from simple consulting or assistance to full management services for Travel and Hospitality Industry.

We have the experience and expertise to deliver a range of services "à la carte", including:

  • Developing a strategy
  • Analysing markets and new business opportunities
  • Elaborating a 5-year business plan
  • Elaborating a yearly budget
  • Follow-up of monthly reporting
  • Designing a business model
  • Creating new services or new products
  • Identifying potential partnerships
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Assistance in elaborating tenders
  • Re-designing operational models
  • Developing the commercial organization
  • Restructuring costs structure
  • Full management of a project or an operation.
These services are adapted to 3 types of business:

  • Hotels & Residences: individual hotels or residences
  • Catering: industrial, private, public, travel
  • Airlines: executive and commercial airlines, on board services, through our subdsidiary
    __________________,, a specialist in aviation.


Our commitment is to help you grow and be successful in your business, thanks to our well-honed and successful experience in the business, together with a wide-ranging worldwide network.


Our current contracts

▪ Full management services for two hotels in the Paris area
▪ Full management contract for a hotel on the French Riviera as well as Boutique hotels in France (Riviera + Auvergne)
▪ Consulting contract with Aviacare
▪ Consulting contrat with SCI Riviera

The costs of our services represent excellent value for money as we always commit to delivering concrete results incurring either new revenues or reduction of costs for our clients : our services do not represent a cost for our clients but rather a significant saving.

Try our services and your company will discover new horizons!